7 services you can sell to skyrocket your revenue

Say goodbye to the days of working project to project, client to client. By setting up services to earn recurring revenue, you’ll create a business that’s built to last and have clients that adore working with you. This guide will help your agency get started, so you can launch right into the next phase of success!

Building a web design business has a bunch of great benefits. You get to exercise your creativity, work with lots of great  clients, and take on a variety of projects. There’s one big
downfall, however, that your agency has probably discovered.

When your business relies on booking new clients or projects, it’s hard to grow.
Best case scenario: You’ve booked as many clients as you can handle this month, but then your revenue becomes stagnant — it can’t really go up from there. Worst case scenario: You’re
struggling to book enough clients each month, and when you’re living project to project, it’s even harder to achieve that next milestone.
(Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!)

That’s why the most successful agencies
add additional services to their business model that generate recurring revenue, aka money that comes in the door every single
month from your existing clients.

This idea isn’t unique to web design agencies, but it does work particularly well, because you know that after you’re done building their website, your clients will have to manage it from
month to month — and they likely don’t want to. That’s where those additional services fit in.

You may have heard this described as offering maintenance plans, reselling hosting packages,
or simply selling additional client services. Regardless of what you choose to name ‘em (personally, we like “WordPress care packages!”), this model is exactly how you break out of the feast and famine of client work, and step into the next phase of success.
As promised, we’ll cover 7 services your agency should be selling (either on their
own or included in a  bundle) to help skyrocket your revenue.

These are:
1. Website hosting
2.SSL certificates
3.Site backups
4.Theme and plugin updates
5.Performance audits
6.WordPress support
7.SEO and content management

If a few of those services look familiar, they should! Here’s the real secret to this method: Your agency can (and should!) leverage the features of the providers you’re already using to build
your client’s website. By doing this, you’re  showcasing the total value of what your client
receives by working with you, while offering additional services that won’t eat up (too many!)
billable hours of your agency’s time.

Let’s get into the services, so you can start to see some examples! Afterward, we’ll talk about profit margins and how to actually implement these services.

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