WHMCS cPanel update 66.0.23


19th Sep 2017
WHMCS cPanel update 66.0.19

updated to Version 66.0.19

13th Sep 2017
Locky Ransomware Everything You Need to Know

What is Locky Ransomware? After https://blog.resellerclub.com/patching-windows-on-resellerclub-dedicated-servers-to-protect-against-the-wannacry-smb-attack (WannaCry and https://blog.resellerclub.com/another-ransomware-attack-petya-makes-headlines/ - Petya, another ransomware seems to spreading like wildfire, taking a hold of computer systems ... Read More »

7th Sep 2017
WHMCS cPanel update 66.0.18

WHMCS cPanel was updated to v 66.0.18 stable

6th Sep 2017
WHMCS cPanel update 66.0.17

WHMCS cPanel was updated to v 66.0.17 stable

1st Sep 2017
MariaDB database update

MariaDB 10.2

Improved connection performance.

1st Sep 2017
Banners added in Affiliate program

We have added banners in the member affiliate program.

You can login to your client portal area to see the details.

23rd Aug 2017
Anti spam deluxe update

Perl was updated to stable version 5.26 on our ASSP Pro deluxe

18th Aug 2017
SSL certificate renewed

HelloOur SSL certificate was renewed.Youy can stay confident when you shop or send confidential information to our staff that your ID is well protected.Regardless of the type of website, major browsers will soon start showing warning messages for sites that don’t have SSL.At the start of the year in Chrome 56, Google started labelling websites ... Read More »

17th Aug 2017
Our new site is live

We have a new site design and functionabilities.Our affiliate program give a lot better recurring commissions.We have added templates you can buy for whmcs, html, other well know CMS, and others.We have added domain registrars with a long list of TLDs you can have. The site will be continually updated as we do with our other sites.Actually we ... Read More »

27th Jul 2017