Fork Bomb

A fork bomb is the equivalent of a DOS attack on your own system. DOS is short for Denial of Service and this type of attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable.

How does the Fork Bomb work
The coding inside the Fork Bomb file launchs the Fork Bomb again but once the first Fork Bomb file completes its task it goes back to the top of the code (hence goto s) and repeats the task.
This means that the Fork Bomb file will exponentially open itself. For example, on the 10th cycle there will be 1024 Fork Bomb files open and on the 20th cycle there are 1,048,576 Fork Bomb files open.

What countermeasures should I take
Luckily in this case there is a very simple way to prevent a Fork Bomb from taking full action. All you have to do make a limit for how many processes that can be running.

What is a Folder Blaster
This is a batch file that opens a bunch of applications all at once but it doesnt allow you to close them.

How does the Folder Blaster work
The Folder Blaster is a file that is used to create folders and once they have been created they get opened.
Obviously its more than just making and opening folders because it has an infinite loop which means if the person tries to close the folders, theyll just open again.
In basic terms, the Folder Blaster creates and opens folder and doesn’t allow the folders to be closed.

What countermeasures should I take
Unfortunately there arent any countermeasures that someone can take to prevent this from happening to them but luckily this isnt deadly virus, it wont cause your computer to crash, it’s merely an annoying trick.
On the up side it is an easy fix if it happens to you.
All that needs to be done is for you to go to your task manager and end the task of the CMD file.

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