Affiliate program

Thank you for checking our Affiliate program. 

How you can refer peoples and add revenues to your account.
If you are already one of our affiliate
Login to your client portal area,
check affiliate (second menu),  the XXX is your unique referral link.

XXX is your unique affiliate ID.

You can use this link anywhere you want to, or inside banners link, pictures link, etc.

When someone click your affiliate link and order a product, you got revenues from it.

The revenues show in our system and are added to your account as creditor can be directly paid to you on request as soon the amount reach $50.00.

If you are not yet our affiliate
Register to be our affiliate program.

Once you've created your free affiliate account you'll receive a unique referral link.
When someone clicks your link, they are redirected to our website and any purchases they make are recorded and the commission from that purchase is added to your account. As your commission builds you'll be able to request a payout via PayPal.

The Best of All:
Your commision is recurring. Yes!, you will earn the same commission month after month, and as long your referrer keep his product in good standing.
To welcome you and get started, $5.00 was added to your affiliate account that you can redraw when you reach $50.00.

Our only terms is to wait 35 Days to be paid.
This delay is to avoid charges back, cancellation, and frauds.

check your affiliate commision

Login to your Login affiliate account
We have added banners that you can use to get started, of course you can use your own advertising program as long it not breach our anti spam terms.

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