5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Funnel Do you have a highly trafficked site but aren’t getting enough sales of your web development... Change a server's hostname in CentOS This command let you change the hostname on the server that the command line remembers, but it... Check disk space on your server Open  a ssh session Type df -h or df -k to list free disk space: $ df -h or $ df -k Dedicated Server Info manual This manual is to be used to make all administrators more sensitive regarding few topics related... Denied order If you order was not accepted by one of our merchant payments such as PayPal or our Official... Domain name propagation Domain propagation can take up to 72 hours to fully go though but this is not always the case and... Editing files using VI VI is a Linux text editor that can edit most of the files under a Linux architecture (text files,... Error Page Codes This tutorial will show you a few of the most common error codes a server may return. There are... Fix Sitemap If your website pages are not showing up in Google, you may have a problem with your sitemaps.... Geolocated IP addresse You have created sites with an international focus and are keen to work on SEO for your target... How Search Engines Work Search Engine A search engine operates, in the following order: 1) Crawling; 2) Deep Crawling... How to Choose Between SSD and HDD drive Modern-day businesses are beginning to realize the importance of agile hosting services. It has... How to do a Ping The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to do a ping. Pinging is a command which tells... How to do a TELNET on a PC (Windows) OS From time to time you may need to perform an operation called "TELNET".You can use TELNET to... How to do a Tracert This tutorial will show you how to run a trace route on a Window operating system. If you are... How to optimize your homepage How to optimize your homepage Does homepage SEO exist? We asked ourselves that in our post on... IP Failover All IP4 are Failover (except the main one).We advice to set your server and sites with IP... IP class For dedicated server owners.Each IP you order is class 4 Failover and are switchable between your... IPMI Interface Allnet4u enterprise dedicated server provide servers with default configuration.  1- OS stable 2-... Install Minecraft In this tutorial, we will be guiding you through the set up of a Minecraft Server on our... Installing TELNET By default, Vista doesn't install the Telnet client.The client is for text-based communication... KVM VS OpenVZ A KVM (do not confuse with KVM rescue for server fix) VPS is like a dedicated server within a... Minify CSS and JS files HTTP/2 To work properly, websites contain multiple CSS and JavaScript files. These must be fetched... OS re-installation Here is How to re-install your operating system or install a new one on your VPS or dedicated... Puty SSH terminal PuTTY is a free and open-source terminal emulator, serial console and network file transfer... Rescue mode With your server in KVM rescue mode, you can now carry out the maintenance required to the repair... Resource Limit CloudLinux If you are seeing the following when visiting your website, it means that CloudLinux has stopped... SAS Hard Drive SAS stands for Serial Attached SCSI (SCSI Stands for Small Computer System Interface, typically... SATA Drive SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment and it is a type of interface for a hard... SSD Drive A solid-state drive (SSD) is a nonvolatile storage device that stores persistent data on... SSH configuration: ssh_config This article post covers some of my favorite settings for configuring the behavior of an ssh... SSH session running Screen is like a window manager for your console. It will allow you to keep multiple terminal... Server common mistakes Although a dedicated server affords you a great deal more power and freedom than other hosting... The keyword cannibalization Keyword cannibalization means that you have various blog posts or articles on your site that can... Web Hosting Glossary The following is a glossary of popular words associated with web hosting. ActiveXA loosely... XML sitemap What is an XML Sitemap and why is having one important for SEO?. Good question!. Think of your... httpd configuration The httpd.conf directory differs across Linux & Unix variants like CentOS, Mac OS X, Red Hat,...
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