Lost password

To retrieve your password for your cpanel or whm reseller account

1- go to cpanel.yourdomain.com
2- click on Reset Password
3- check your emailbox and follow the instruction

To retrieve your password in your portal area
1- go to https://www.allnet4u.com/clients/pwreset.php
2- enter your email address (same as the one you have in your portal area
3- check your email for the reset notification  and follow the instruction

Your cPanel account and your client portal area are linked together.
From your Client Portal Area, you can login to your cPanel and change your password.

To retrieve your password for your client portal area
1- go to the Client portal area at https://www.allnet4u.com/clients/clientarea.php
2- click on Require a Password Reset and Enter your email address you have in your client portal area
3- check your email box and follow the instruction

PS. Your Client Portal Area and your cPanel manager area linked together.
From your Cpanel control management, you can login to your portal area and change your password.

You can not change your password if you have no access neither to cPanel or your Client area except by requesting your password.

If you need assistance, call us or use our secure (SSL) pre-sales form at Contact Us
If you use our contact form, make sure to insert the same email address from your client portal area.

Notice: Because we have no proof of who you are, few questions may be asked by our staff to make sure you are the right person and owner of this account.

Alway make sure that you use a strong password and save it in safe place. 
You can click on the password advice to get a automatic generated safe password.
Our system is set to generate only hard coded password, and will not accept your new password if too easy or if hackable by malicious persons trying brute force ways to get in your account.

Thank you for your understanding.

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