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Chaining Backup Jobs with JetBackup

Posted by Allura on 02 04 2018.

What is a Backup?

Wikipedia says, “backup, or the process of backing up, refers to the copying and archiving of computer data so it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event”. There are two main reasons to backup computer data. Firstly, backing up is necessary to regain the original data after an unfortunate deletion or system corruption. Secondly, backup helps to recover the original data from a point of time in the past.

Overview of Backup Jobs

The essential need to recover computer data has paved the way for Backup Jobs. It is generally linked or configured with a particular Backup Application. This process takes place in accordance with the data retention policy which is set by the user.

How to Schedule Backup Jobs with JetBackup

JetBackup has made the backing up of computer data extra easy. The Backup jobs can be placed and scheduled as per the necessity of the user.

The various ways to schedule a backup job with JetBackup is listed below –

  1. Hourly – Data backup job can be executed after an exact number of hours mentioned by the user. For example – every 5 hours, or every 10 hours.
  2. Daily – The backup process can be scheduled on a day-to-day basis. Backing up of data will take place every day in this case. Besides, the user can specify a particular day in a week when the backup process will not be executed.
  3. Weekly – In this case, the process will occur once every week. The user can select a particular day of the week to execute a backup job.
  4. Monthly – This kind of backup job takes place on a monthly basis. The user can choose a particular day of the month according to one’s own convenience.
  5. After another job is done – This depends entirely on the other job to finish. Backup job will be executed once another job is done. The user can set a ‘delay’ option for minutes before the main job starts.
  6. After cPanel job is done – After the backup system of cPanel is completed, this backup job will be executed. The ‘delay’ option is applicable in this case as well.


JetBackups has made the task of backing up computer data easier than usual. The backup jobs can be scheduled according to the preference of the user. By putting up relevant information in tabs like Schedule Type, Schedule Days, Backup Retention, Schedule Time and Schedule End Time, one can easily chain a backup job with JetBackups.

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