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This manual is to be used to make all administrators more sensitive regarding few topics related to your dedicated server and its administration. Considering the important number of requests processed on daily basis, the support wants to help you in order to avoid some committed errors that may lead to serious consequences for your server and to any useless inaccessibility. It is also useful to remind you few basic but vital administrative actions.


Keep safely your setup mail. If possible, print it out. Do not forget that there are several passwords and the webmin and the SSH ones are not necessarily the same. If you customize your passwords, you may for example write them down on the setup mail that you have previously printed out. Why? Because it is impossible for us to recover your customized passwords and that an intervention on the machine is the only one solution to recover them, which will lead to some expenses.


It is also very important not to provide in your NIC-handle, an email address containing the domains that are hosted on the server. Why? If the server is unreachable or if your domain is inaccessible for any reason, we cannot contact you, as the email address of your NIC-handle is the only one way to contact you.


The most important thing on your server is your data and it is vital to have a backup of your data in order to be able to recover in a minimum period of time all the services on your machine. Imagine for instance that you make a bad manipulation and that you loose a whole file, which contains your most important site! Your backup will enable you to restore the lost file asap. Youve got different possibilities to carry out a backup. We suggest you for example:

- Weekly backup,
- Installation of a backup disk,
- The use of a RAID system.

- Allnet4u have server backup availables, we also have space backup, contact us for more informations

The manipulation of data and files

Before making any modification in a file, you must always think about what could happen if the modifications are not correct. Your web server for instance may be inaccessible further to bad settings in the configuration file. We recommend you to copy the file that you plan to edit. With this tip, it will be possible for your to recover the previous configuration very quickly.

System update

Very important too, update regularly your release as well as your kernel in order not to give the chance to a hacker to trespass and also to fix bugs in the system. You may either consult the manual: ReleasePatch and KernelMethods or we can take care of the security of your machine by selecting Total security offer.

Compilation and Softs installation

Before installation or a recompilation of a software on your server, check the consequences that it can lead. Take all the necessary measures.

Contact support

When you contact the support, give the maximum technical details as possible. Give the server number and in case of problem with a site, a domain name or an email address, do not hesitate to explain the manipulations that you have already carried out or detail which of the results you want to get. Our support will be happy to help you and to give you some advices. If possible, please open only one dialogue box at a time and avoid to autorespond to your message. This will avoid long waiting times and the loss of information or the double supports.

For extended support, Allnet4u have managed server support, take a look in the other services in our billing system.

Rescue mode (KVM)

We have made systems to reduce the inaccessibilities of your machine in case of breakdown and to take your server over again. You have the RescueMode that enables you to recover your system at any time.

Allnet4u can also make a complete test of your server memory, HD, network connection. Just contact us, this service is free.

If you need the KVM with IP,  we offer this service at $50 per hour.
The KVM without IP is free.


    Dangerous command 

Make sure that you never use rm -rf /*. It causes the recursive destruction of all folders, sub files and files from / root and with -rf option the command will be applied without any verification. It leads then to the full destruction of all data.

    Change the personal directory of root 

It may happen that the administrators change the root connection directory that is from /root. Then this unable the connection with the ssh key hat we use to intervene on your machine if necessary. The same if you unable the ssh connection for the root or if you modify the connection port for ssh, which is by default the port 22.


By following these basic administration recommendations, you can avoid problems with your server. Follow the advices of all our manuals. They are created to enable you to obtain the best results regarding the efficiency of your server.

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