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You have created sites with an international focus and are keen to work on SEO for your target countries. Your websites position in many search engines depends on the IP of the country hosting the website. A site hosted with a .ca domain will be ranked higher on Canadian search engines, but what can you do to improve the ranking of websites with .com, .net or .org extensions.

A site hosted with a .ca domain is naturally better suited for English speaking audiences and will be ranked higher on Canadian search engines. 

But what can you do to improve the ranking of websites with .com, .net or .org extensions.

By choosing the hosting IP for your site, you will optimise your ranking in local search engines.
Add IP addresses with geolocations in the US or/and Canada. You can attach IPs from different countries to a single reseller account, whatever the model.

One of the main criteria Google takes into account when ranking every website is loading speed, but server location and IP geolocation also play an important role in boosting rankings in search engines, which give priority to local results.

Protecting your websites (or those of your clients) against spam is an additional way of pushing your website up the search engine rankings. Isolate these websites with a geolocated IP and give their reputation a boost. 

Maximize your chances
When you order your reseller account and add-ons IP address, you can choose the location of your IP, at no additional cost.

If your website is going to be viewed by a customer based in one of these countires, it might be a good idea to geolocate the IP address. 
In reality, internet users are much more willing to visit a website if they consider it to be close by. 

You can then make natural links between countries within the same linguistic community, as part of your international commercial strategy. 
For example, you might have your reseller account with ad-ons IP in Canada or/and USA.
Our IP geolocalised in North America are in USA and Canada 

You must specify the geolocation on the order.

Allnet4u Enterprise can not promise the delivery of your IP at 100% sure on this country. IP are delivered on the quantity available in the country and the quantity we have in stock.
IP is delivered automatically for each dedicated and VPS. We can not promise or said you will get a certain IP range.

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