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To help our users with ASSP mail filters and
- How to report a false positive email
- How to report a valid email (whitelisting)
- How to report spam message
- how to unlist a message / sender from the spam list
and much more

Please login to your cPanel and click on the SPAM ASSP icon (under mail category), then click on the Help button.
Please notes, only our clients can disable, enable, add, or/and modify the configuration.
The configuration via your cPanel is unique to your site(s) only and doesn't affect other sites (other site owners or other sites owned but not under the cPanel account loged).

Messages are automatically deleted from the spamboxes after 7 days.

If you see a mismarked email message in your SPAMBOX, simply forward that message to:
Alternately, if you receive junk email, please report it by forwarding message to:
To whitelist (permanent) use:
(only available to our hosted clients)

You can alway change your mind and use later or reversal for mistaken a good emails for a bad one.
you can also insert multiple email address in the message body.

How do I check my SPAMBOX?
Log in to your cPanel, then click on the SPAM and Virus Protection ASSP icon.
To view the SPAMBOX Help and configuration guide, click the red SPAMBOX button near the top of the page.

What I need to do to receive the spam logs for my site?
1- login to your cpanel
2- clcik on the mail icon
3- create a account named spambox
4- come back to your cpanel main page and click on ASSP icon
5- click on spambox and enable report and IMAP and POP3
(the pop3 may be disabled, don't worry it will be enabled in few minutes after you create your account named spambox).

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