Server propagation

Server propagation:

In order that your domain propagate on our system, you have to login to your domain name registrar.
Your domain registrar is where your domain name was bought. 

Once there, check your domain and click on dns configuration.
It is possible that your registrar filled the dns fileds with his own name servers.

You need first to delete all name servers on your list.
Then add our name server to the list:

and click save.

Check before you logout, if your new configurations to our servers was saved, you should have:

If you need help, open a trouble ticket.
We can configure your domain to propagate to our servers, we will need your domain registrar login.

Propagation of your domain can take antime between 24-48 hours.
Most of the time is faster of that, but it all depend of your registrar server and we have no control on it.

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