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How can you Optimize your Website by Compressing Content?

Posted by Allura on 11 04 2018.

General Overview

The optimizing website interface enables you to go about configuring the server in a manner such that it helps you in compressing the content of definitive kind. This is an automatic function of the interface and it is put into action while visitors are accessing that particular content.

Key Features of the Compress Content Interface

  • It enhances the performance of your website.
  • One can experience instantaneous efficiency and faster functionalities while operating their website.
  • Prior to reaching the browser of the visitor, the content of the website will be compressed; thus easier and faster to load.

What are the components you will require before getting started?

You will require the following before introducing the guide to your cPanel:

  1. Secured access to the cPanel.
  2. An enabled apache module which goes by the name of mod_deflate.

Go through the steps below and follow them in order to optimize your website by compressing the content:

  • Access the website optimization tool- After entering your cPanel, all you need to do is manually locating the optimize website tool or by using the cPanel search feature for looking for the same.
  • Operate the optimize website tool- You can opt for the compression option which will allow you to-
  1. Compress the complete content of the website.
  2. Compress the definitive content of your website, as you will choose.
  3. Disable the feature without performing any kind of action involved with compression.

The option of MIME types will enable you to manually select the files or content which you wish to compress from the website. After finishing off with the selection, you can enter on update settings that will update the changes you have made followed by a confirmation message from their side. Image files such as .jpg or .png automatically compress the data which suggests that none of these files have to be included in the MIME types for definitive compression.


The optimizing website tool is extremely beneficial for cPanel and all the more if you wish to have an intensively secured and well-maintained website. Visitors can access your website effortlessly and neither will they be able to bug your privacy.

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