IP Failover

All IP4 are Failover (except the main one).

We advice to set your server and sites with IP failover configuration.
So if ever you take another server, it will be easy to switch your IP failover to another server.
It is also possible to transfer your IP  to a Enterprise and Hosting server but not from enterprises server to a lower server.

Our dedicated servers enable you to take up to 256 failover IPs.
It only takes a few seconds to switch a FO IP or an IP block from one server to another.
These IPs allow you to avoid the interruptions that could lead to hardware failure, overload or any other kind of issues on your infrastructure.

Using Failover IPs
Make sure that your hosting system configuration is based on the failover IP and not on the fixed IP address of the server. This way, the entire configuration linked to the FO IP will be saved on moving to another server.
During this operation, you will need to copy your configurations and projects to the new server. As the configuration is linked to the FO IP, there is no need to reset everything on the fixed IP of the new server. The configurations and data are identical: everything will work as before.

When you are ready to move a IP(s) between your server, open a trouble ticket or do it by yourself with you API interface - Service connected to your client portal area.

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