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If an IP is postponed to organizations such as Spamhaus, SpamCop etc. fighting against spam, malicious sites, phishing, the reputation of our network is engaged.

Our system is based on technology Anti-Spam Vade Retro.
What to do after the mail warning mail.
Important steps after being warned of a blockage are to follow BEFORE we unlock the relevant IP.
a) stop sending mail (eg stop qmail, postfix, sendmail etc.)
b) check the tail emails (eg qmhandle for qmail, postfix for postqueue
c) analyze your logs and find your in blocking email

Can we get a whitelist
A whitelistage, that is to say, an exclusion filtering on outgoing emails from your server is not possible.
We can only assist you in diagnosing logs if the Message-ID are unknown emails, that is to say, they are not part of your emails or legitime mailing lists.

False spam
If you have checked the Message-ID and that they are from your legitimate emails, you must then ensure that your emails comply with RFC and Best Practice indicated thereafter.
If this is the case, you can contact us to give us a copy of your email (header included). Our technical assistance then accompany you for the future.
You just have to call our assistance or contact us by email support interface provided in your manager.

Best Practice and RFC
RFC (Request For Comments) are documents that are intended to describe the technical aspects of the Internet. They are published, developed by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).
For simplicity, we will say that it is a group that develops and defines 'standards
More information at RFC, IETF Internet Draft.
The Best Practice recommendations are often based on these documents and for advice on how best to do. In this case, it will be for example the basic rules to follow to ensure that your emails are not identified as spam.

Sending volume
If the volume of your outgoing emails is very important, it is recommended that
Reserve an IP block dedicated solely for use email information address abuse on the block to receive complaints correctly configure reverses on all IP.
This operation will allow you both to isolate the IP reputation and areas if you make shipments to different areas, and to receive complaints and take action in the various bodies for unlocks.
But also to locate the problem more quickly on a form field that uses X or Y field because messages do not start from the same IP and do not have the same reverses.

Email content
Avoid to use mails keywords (most used by spammers) as BUY, LAST CHANCE, capitalization, impersonal topics points exclamations.
Do not forget the link that allows the person who has not asked for your email, or at least think it is illegitimate to unsubscribe.
Especially sure that your emails contain: the senders address (possibly an alias), an object, the body of the message contains a correct ratio between text, images and links.
The text ratio vs. image and text vs. link should be high. Do not overload the mail Hypertext links and avoid Javascript.

FBL - Feedback Loop
This system will allow you to watch live feedback of some ISP informing you that their users have reported receiving your message as unlawful and therefore classified as SPAM.
This will allow you to interact so directly on your reputation with the ISP FBL few for you
FBL Orange website
Postmaster Yahoo Site
AOL Postmaster
Hotmail and

Some authentication services allow you to engage your reputation.

This technology developed by Microsoft allows you to validate the authentication of your domain name. This technology is an IETF standard RFC4406.

Sender Policy Framework is also an auditing standard domain of the sender. It is based on RFC4408 and is added to the DNS Domain field or an SPF TXT which in turn contains a list of IP or not allowed to send emails from this domain.

Reverse DNS
The reverse allows 'translate your IP domain. This allow the domain associated with an IP address.

This standard is described in RFC4871.
AOL, Google GMAIL work on this basis. Official website DKIM

If the Whois of your domain is hidden, or what is more commonly called a whois anonymous or private whois, the score of your emails may be higher. It is advisable to have in your public Whois the real information.
This applies to the field of emission and for html links in your emails.

Special cases
There is a case where you can relay spam without your knowledge, through a redirection of email on your server to an outside email to your server.
By sending spam on a redirected box, that spam will be sent from your server and result in a spam detection.
Nevertheless spam remains a spam even if it is only relayed and in such cases the issuing IP address becomes your server.

Several options are available to you to avoid this detection in this case
Shipments to an alternate port (other than port 25) and creating specific transport for these redirections in the configuration of your mail server.
Establishment of a spam on your server to block spam before forwarding the email.
Remove the redirect (some service providers offer up another email from their example interface: Gmail).

Charge fees
Fees up to $10.00 US PER IP will be charged to you, when you list your IP(s) in major blacklist (Spamhaus ZEN, SORBS SPAM, SORBS SPAM, etc) to recover our loss for our time to unlist the blacklisted IP and regain IP address reputation.

Whats happen when our Anti spam mechanism detect spam emerging from your IP
In this case the port 25 come blocked at the network level for this IP.
We send you a warning
Your server involved in spam will be switched to rescue mode, In the rescue mode you can check your logs and remove any applications that you have used for sending spam.

You have to reply in the next 24 hours and ask us to unblock your IP(s) address. We will investigate the incident and check the blacklist to see if your IP(s) is also blocked on the major blacklists. 
If you not reply or ignore the warning, we will suspend your service until you explain what was done to fix the situation, or we will discontinue your service if you had similar incidents in the past and your IPs are listed in the major blacklist sites.
When you reply to let us know you have fixed the spam problem, you must send
1- header of email involved in spam
2- body of email involved in spam
3- explain why the message and from who was sent the email
4- what the administrator done to remedy to the spam
5- show us the URL unsubscribe link on your site, or  in the email sent and involved in spam, the unsubscribe link. The unsubscribe script and link on your site to allow the person to unsubscribe must work.

With your reply and the informations requested in this anti spam policiy, you have 2 choices
1- Immediate suspension of your service.
2- Charge up to $10.00 per IP will be charged to you to recover our loss for our time to unlist the blacklisted IP and regain IP address reputation by contacting the different blacklist engines.
The server will be temporary suspended until full payment is done and verified.

If you decide to cancel the server, the payment is still due and can be reflected on your other server payment or inability to order another service in the future, until the payment is fully cleared.

*** Never ask to unlock a IP blacklisted or switch back your server to normal mode (when switched to rescue mode) if you didn't fixed the problem, otherwise you will immediately fall into the second locking (lasting longer) ***

You can check if your IP(s) is blacklisted. Go to mxtoolbox DOT com/blacklists DOT aspx.

Despite all the difficult and simple techniques there are to prevent spam, there will always loopholes that can be exploited which means you can never live a spam free life.

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