Get a Robust and High performance Quad, Six cores or Dual CPU dedicated servers with SATA, SSD NVMe Disks, Huge RAM capacity, DDoS Protection, /64 iPv6, IPMI console, Reboot API, Bandwidth speed up to 3 Gbps.
Package RAM Disks Price /m  
E3v4Quad Cores 3.0GHz+ 32GB ECC 2x 2TB SATA $89.95 Order
E3-1230v6Quad Cores 3.5GHz+ 16GB ECC 2x 480GB SSD $99.95 Order
i7-6700KQuad Cores 4GHz+ 32GB ECC 2x 480GB SSD $114.95 Order
E3-1270V6Quad Cores 3.8GHz+ 64GB ECC 2x 2TB SATA $119.95 Order
i7-7700KQuad Cores 4.2GHz+ 64GB ECC 2x 450GB NVMe $159.95 Order
E5-1650V3Six Cores 3.5GHz+ 128GB ECC SATA / SSD available $209.95 Order

Dedicated Server Business


We are committed to protecting your server 24/7 against any type of DDoS attack, regardless of duration or size with our robust DDoS auto-mitigation.

Management Interface

With our server interface, you can reboot, re-install your OS, configure your rDNS, check your server stats, move your failover IP address, install a new OS, and more.

KVM Server Rescue

This system attached to all servers, allow to repair problems that can not be normally fixed or when you have no more access to the SSH terminal. Such the forgotten password.

Unmetered Bandwidth

You have Unmetered bandwidth. That means network port speed with no meter on the traffic that goes through it.


DirectAdmin, cPanel, Plesk, Windows, SolusVM, Softaculous, Website Builder, WHMCS, SSL Certificate. Contact us for details and other applications.

Uptime Guarantee

We understand your company needs 24X7, 365 Days running and it is why we guaranteed 100% uptime.


Frequent questions

24/7 Live Monitoring

Our servers are monitored in live 24 hours 7 days a week. If something goes wrong, we have pro-active technicians starting to fix the problem in 15 minutes or less.

IP addresse

The Enterprise dedicated server line include 64 IPv6 and 1 IPv4 address and you can add-up to 257 IPv4, all usables and open ports by filling the IP address approbation form.

KVM and API Interface

The KVM console is usefull when you loose access to your server (SSH, etc) or for example need to fix your partitions. Things, normally you can't do when your server is online.

The API Interface is the tools you use when you need to reboot your server, re-install your operating system, set your rDNS for your IP address, check your server statistics, bandwith etc, move your IP address between your servers (need 2+ servers in the same class) and check your server profile.

The KVM console and API interface come standard with your server and you can use it at anytime free of charge. Both tools are include in your client portal area.


Our Enterprise dedicated servers are built with high quality Hardware and include 500Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth and Unlimited Traffic, with a 1Gbps Burst-Up. You can add-ons (optional) 1, 2, or 3 Gbps bandwidth speed plan.


See what our customer's are saying about us.

Patrick made me feel much more at ease with the sites that I am working on transferring over. Thank god for knowledgeable and friendly tech support people, definitely one of the reasons that I am changing host providers. Thank you for having people like this working for your company. I look forward to having a long relationship with Allnet4u Enterprise. Thanks again. :-)

Jessy Purell

This service is really really wonderful. I was waiting to activate it until I could fix any server bugs. It is supported at all corporate sites that provide website services.


Great work as always guys, we use your product heavily and so far (fingers crossed) we have been great Keep up the great work and thanks for making the internet safer!.

Jim Neisley