A dedicated server is a big step for your business. Whether it’s for your own website or for client sites, it gives you a higher level of freedom than regular VPS hosting can't provide. With Allnet4u Web Hoting, you can choose to be hosted in our North American orand European Datacenters, have Unmetered bandwidth, Unlimited traffic, DDos Protection with Auto-mitigation, /64 iPv6, API server management, server rescue console console and select your disk and RAM memory capacity. A wise choice giving you all the reliability of a dedicated server with a mid-range budget.
Package Processor RAM available Disk available DEALS Price  
E3-1225Intel Xeon Quad Cores 4 x 3.2 GHz+
4 threads threads
16 / 32GB 2x2TB SATA $46.95 Order Now
W3520Intel Xeon Quad Cores 4x 2.66 GHz+
8 threads
16 / 32GB 2x2TB SATA or
3x120GB SSD
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E3-1245Intel Xeon Quad Cores 4x 3.4 GHz+
8 threads
32GB 2x2TB SATA or
2x240GB SSD
$60.95 Order Now
I7-4790KIntel i7 Quad Cores 4x 4.0 GHz+
8 threads
32GB 2x2TB SATA or
2x240GB SSD
$60.95 Order Now
E5-1620Intel Xeon Quad Cores 4x 4.0 GHz+
8 threads
32GB 2x240GB SSD $67.95 Order Now
E5-1650Intel Xeon Six Cores 6x 3.5 GHz+
12 threads
32 / 64GB 2x2TB SATA $79.95 Order Now

More Features!


We are committed to protecting your server 24/7 against any type of DDoS attack, regardless of duration or size with our robust DDoS auto-mitigation.

Management Interface

With our server interface, you can reboot, re-install your OS, configure your rDNS, check your server stats, move your failover IP address, install a new OS, and more.

KVM Server Rescue

This system attached to all servers, allow to repair problems that can not be normally fixed or when you have no more access to the SSH terminal. Such the forgotten password.

Unmetered Bandwidth

You have Unmetered bandwidth. That means network port speed with no meter on the traffic that goes through it.

Unlimited Traffic

The number of visitors to your website is no longer a constraint. With unlimited traffic, you can welcome as many visitors as you like.

Uptime Guarantee

We understand your company needs 24X7, 365 Days running and this is why we guaranteed 100% uptime.