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Dedicated Server Enterprises

The dedicated server enterprise series is more powerful in every way than our other dedicated servers that we offer.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. 

Each of our products include our 30-daysmoney-back garantee. If you are not satisfied, of your server because of our network latency, you will be fully refunded.

All our products are Anti DDoS protected. As soon our systems detect an attack on your server, the traffic will be derived thru our huge +4TB network, and will stay this way as long the distributed denial-of-service  continue and can restart if there are another attacks. 

All our services are on-site monitored 24-7. As soon our system detect an malfunction on your system, our support will be alerted and will check your services in less of 15 mins, the time to check if the problem is temporary or permanent.

With your hosting, come our 24-7 technical support . If ever you have questions, have issues with your webhosting plan, order, or add one of our options, open a trouble ticket. Our tech staff will answeer in few hours or less.

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