Softaculous update

The following software were updated

LiteCart 2.1.5 - Successful

Tine 2.0 2018.08.9 - Successful

20th Jan 2019
cPanel and Software Updates Version “76.0.17”

Updated cPanel 76.0.17

15th Jan 2019
Softaculous Upgrade to 5.1.4

Softaculous Upgrades v5.1.4Softaculous successfully Upgraded to latest version. 1) [Improvement] :  Passed tables list with changes in database structure and data in Push to Live API.2) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous Remote, the database backup was not created while using only database backup option. This has been fixed.3) [Bug Fix] : Restore did ... Read More »

19th Dec 2018
ASSP Deluxe for cPanel upgrade / update

ASSP Deluxe for cPanel upgrade notification=========================================ASSP Deluxe for cPanel updated from 10.2.5 to 10.2.6 (Tue Nov 27 20:04:48 EST 2018)ASSP Deluxe changelog : http://www DOT grscripts DOT com/changelog DOT html#02ASSP WHM interface updated from 8.8.0 to 8.8.1 (Tue Nov 27 20:04:48 EST 2018)ASSP WHM changelog ... Read More »

27th Nov 2018