SSL secure certificate updated

We have updated our SSL certificate for the client portal area
This secure certificate is used when you login to your cpanel or/and WHM site management.

The reason is that the SHA-1 hashing algorithm is being deprecated by most Certificate Authorities.

Starting in November 2014, SHA-1 will be gradually sunset by Google. Thus, we strongly suggest that anyone using SSL certificates signed with SHA-1 reissue their certificates.

Please review this article for detailed information.

If you are not sure whether you SSL certificate is signed by SHA-1 or SHA-2, check our KB Article for a tool to check this.

check security on

With Allnet4u Enterprise, you can buy a certificate for your domain by login to your portal area, and we also can install the certificate in your account.
For installation, please login to your portal area and open a trouble ticket.

We have many other LTD extension availables for your domains, not show in your client portal area, contact us for details with the domain extension you want. We have very competitive prices

Warm regards and best wishes,

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