DNS (Name Servers) 17

Updating Your DNS at your domain registrar


 10 tips for an awesome and SEO friendly blog post

 7 top Linux desktop environments compared

 A Practical Guide to Amazon SEO

 ALT tag and TITLE tag optimization

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 AMP for small business owners

 Allnet4u Enterprise is not associated with

We got many spams and hacks attempts from under the organisation BEZEQ...

 Alway Backup your datas

If you lost all your data, how would you react? See how one man faces life after the...

 Authentication Bypass Vulnerabilities

 Beware of Misleading Domain Renewals scam

There are a number of companies out there that will contact you and lead you to think your domain...

 Black, White and Grey Hat Hackers

What is the Difference Between Black, White and Grey Hat...


What is a Botnet

 China Scam Watch

China Scam

 Common Computer Viruses

What is a computer virusA computer virus is a malware program that replicates by making copies of...

 Credit Monitoring Services and Other Anti-Fraud Protection

 Cyber Espionage

What is Cyber...

 Cyber Security Topics You Should Learn About

Most Important Cyber Security Topics You Should Learn...


What is Cyberbullying

 DDoS Attack

What Is DDoS...

 DOS Attacks Explained services...

 Data Privacy Ten Ways to Keep Your Data Private

 Does readability rank?

 Duplicate content: causes and solutions

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 Encryption How To Utilize it Online and Why It is Important

 File Upload Vulnerabilities

 Grayware, Adware, and Madware

What is Grayware, Adware, and...

 HTTP status codes and what they mean for SEO

 Hacking Prevention Fork Bomb Folder Blaster

What is a Fork BombA fork bomb is the equivalent of a DOS attack on your own system. DOS is short...

 Half of all WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities are XSS and Securing FTP

 Hardening Your WordPress Site

 How Can I Tell If I Have Malware and What Can I Do About It

How Can I Tell If I Have Malware and What Can I Do About...

 How Do Businesses Get Hacked

How Do Businesses Get...

 How Do Firewalls Prevent Computer Viruses

How Do Firewalls Prevent Computer...

 How Do I Get Malware on My Computer

Part 1-...

 How Does Malware Get Past Security Software

How Does Malware Get Past Security...

 How To Recognize and Avoid Tech Support Scams

How To Recognize and Avoid Tech Support...

 How XSS Vulnerabilities are Created and How to Avoid Them

How XSS Vulnerabilities are Created and How to Avoid...

 How a Gmail Password Stealing Scam Works

How a Gmail Password Stealing Scam...

 How a Packet Travels Through the Internet

How a Packet Travels Through the...

 How long does propagation take?

Domain propagation can take up to 72 hours to fully go though but this is not always the case and...

 How many iP you can get with us

We can provide Up (add-ons) to 256x  IP's version 4 and 64x IP'd version 6 plus the main server...

 How to Clean a Hacked Website

How to Clean a Hacked...

 How to Detect a Hacked Website

How to Detect a Hacked Website

 How to Disable XML RPC in WordPress

XML-RPC service was disabled by default for the longest time mainly due to security reasons. In...

 How to Select a WordPress Hosting Provider

How to Select a WordPress Hosting...

 How to analyze your audience

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 How to create and use dashboards in Google Analytics

 How to get local reviews and ratings

 How to optimize a blog post?

 How to remove www from your URL

 How to report a fraudulent website to a registrar

Yesterday, and reported to us on...

 How to setup a Reverse DNS and a PTR records

info at: the revese IP,...

 How to use social media

 IP class 4 and IP class 6

For dedicated server owners.Each IP you order is class 4 Failover and are switchable between your...

 IPv4 limitation

 IRS Scam Calls

What is an IRS Scam CallAn IRS Scam Call is when scammers make unsolicited calls. These scammers...

 Improve local SEO with Google My Business

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 Internal search for online shops: an essential asset

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 Internal search why and how

 Introduction to Brute Force Attacks

Introduction to Brute Force Attacks Today we published a new Learning Center article focused on...

 Is it still necessary to minify and concatenate your CSS and JS files in HTTP/2

To work properly, websites contain multiple CSS and JavaScript files. These must be fetched...

 Local ranking factors that help your local business SEO


What Is Malvertising

 Networking for WordPress Administrators

Networking for WordPress...

 New Requirement for SSL Validation

Nowadays, SSL Certificate becomes a crucial part of the internet and business. SSL Certificate...

 Optimizing images for search engines

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 PHP Vulnerabilities Types and How They Originate

PHP Vulnerabilities Types and How They...

 POODLE SSL Vulnerability

What to do about the POODLE SSL...

 Page speed as a ranking factor what you need to know

 Passwords Cracking

Passwords Cracking

 Penetration Testing Your WordPress Website

Penetration Testing Your WordPress...

 Personal Data Really Gone When Deleted from a Device

Personal Data Really Gone When Deleted from a...

 Personal Information you should Safeguard

What Personal Information Should You...


What is PharmingPharming is a cyber attack intended to redirect a websites traffic to another,...


What is PhishingThis is the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames,...

 Prevent Cross Site Scripting Attacks

How to Prevent Cross Site Scripting...

 Publishing in another language and SEO

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 Ransomware And The Importance Of Backing Up

 Restrict WordPress File Permissions and Ownership

How to Restrict WordPress File Permissions and...

 Risk of Social Engineering

Understanding the Risk of Social...

 Risks of Third Party App Stores

The Risks of Third Party App...

 SEO of an online shop

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 SQL Injection and Database Vulnerabilities

SQL Injection and Database...

 SSL Certificates What Consumers Need to Know

SSL Certificates What Consumers Need to...

 Secure WordPress Sites

Introduction to Secure WordPress...

 Securing your Working Environment

Securing your Working Environment

 Security Threats and How to Protect Yourself

Security Threats and How to Protect...

 Sneaky Spammer Tactics and How To Avoid Them

Sneaky Spammer Tactics and How To Avoid...

 Social Engineering

What is Social...

 Social buttons How to add and track them on your site

 Software Terms of Service and Privacy Policies Explained

 Spear Phishing

What Is Spear...

 Storing European User Data on USA Servers

Storing European User Data on USA...

 The Importance of Clean Computing

The Importance of Clean...

 The Importance of Data Back-Up

 The best Linux distributions for beginners

 The definitive guide to higher rankings for WordPress sites

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 The definitive guide to higher rankings for WordPress sites

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 The sense and nonsense of XML sitemaps

 Too many links in navigation menu

 Top WordPress plugins every site should have

 Tor Network Frequently Asked Questions

The Tor Network Frequently Asked...

 Tracking your SEO with Google Analytics a how-to

 Transition words and SEO

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 Understanding IP Addressing and CIDR Charts

Understand better what is IP blocks Click here

 Understanding bounce rate in Google Analytics

 Upgrade WordPress including Themes and Plugins

How to Manually Upgrade WordPress including Themes and...

 Video on YouTube or on my own site


What Is a...

 Web Hosting Glossary

The following is a glossary of popular words associated with web hosting. ActiveXA loosely...

 What Are Bots

What Are Bots

 What Are Browser Hijackers

What Are Browser...

 What Are Cookies

What Are Cookies

 What Are Malicious Websites and Drive by Downloads

What Are Malicious Websites and Drive by...

 What Is Bulletproof Hosting


 What is HTTPS?

HTTPS secures the connection to the website you are visiting. I’m sure you have seen this in...

 What is cornerstone content

 What makes a great contact page

 When You Fall For An Email Scam

What To Do When You Fall For An Email...

 Which redirect should I use

 Why focus on long tail keywords

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 Why is it beneficial to have a dedicated IP address

 Why more clients from USA host with us in North America

 Why use segments in Google Analytics

 WordPress Security

WordPress Security for Beginners where to...

 WordPress archive pages the tutorial

 Writing Secure PHP Code

Introduction to Writing Secure PHP...

 Zero Day, Vulnerability Disclosure and News Sources

Zero Day, Vulnerability Disclosure and News...

 duplicate content issues on my shop

 eCommerce usability: the ultimate guide

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 redirecting your site to non-www and HTTPS

 stop words in your focus keyword