Multicloud portability for Dummies e-book

Multicloud portability for Dummies

Multicloud portability for Dummies e-book.

Multicloud portability for Dummies e-book

Multicloud portability for Dummies e-book

Multicloud Portability Red Hat Special Edition.
By Ed Tittel, Eric Schabell, Roel Hodzelmans, and Gordon Haf.

The cloud rules computing as we know it today. Cloud computing is everywhere with IT infrastructures of all kinds and sizes extending into private and public clouds.


For most organizations, a single cloud isn’t enough for IT (and users, customers, partners, and more) to get the job done. That’s why
understanding how multicloud can benefit your business is so important.


About This Book
In this book, you take a journey, looking closely at what multicloud means for your business, and its various applications,
data, and services. The term multicloud is best defined as “using multiple cloud platforms from multiple providers for multiple
tasks.” Therefore, a multicloud involves several different public or private clouds.

“Why multiple clouds, and not just one” you ask? Good question!

Organizations usually use different clouds to meet various goals. Such goals include achieving greater flexibility, reducing costs,
avoiding vendor lock in, and tapping into specific regional cloud providers. Digging into these goals is the focus for Multicloud Portability For Dummies, Red Hat® Special Edition 

Multicloud portability for Dummies e-book

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