Dedicated Server Group

If you order a server that becomes temporarily unavailable, you can choose a replacement equal or better up to 10% more expensive.

32 Tbits global network – 33 datacenters on 4 continents – 38 PoP redondants around the world

Allnet4u Enterprise Premier Global Datacenters, have several data processing centers for your dedicated servers in North America, Europe and Asia, supported by Uptime Institute Tier 3 Tier 4, +which are the highest standards in the market, so that your data and information are safe and available from Way.

Double expertise for a high level routing infrastructure

The routing infrastructure is largely built on Cisco devices. Cisco is linked to Allnet4u Enterprise by a technical partnership, and the infrastructure combines the expertise of the two companies.

We also offer different ranges of high-performance dedicated server, adapted to the most demanding needs of all companies.

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24/7 Technical Support
Unlimited Traffic

With Allnet4u Enterprise, you always have someone ready to answer your requests

Our servers are monitored 24/7 with a 15 minutes response time from our technicians

I case of components failure, we will fix the problem in no time and no need to contact us.

You have *Unlimited traffic IN/OUT, as well as additional guaranteed bandwidth options.

Your dedicated server has a minimum public bandwidth with a burst available to absorb the occasional peak traffic.

* Except in Asia

We serve your server through our network of 32 Tbit/s of global capacity – 33 datacenters present on 4 continents (Europe, North America, Australia, Asia) – 38 PoP redondants around the world. One of the largest network in the world.

Failover IPv4

We have a huge choices of operating systems and softwares such Windows, Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS, Plesk, cPanel, DirectAdmin web management interfaces, Microsoft SQL Server,. Virtualisation solutions, like VMware, CoreOS and Windows Hyper-V, are available.

For the security of your infrastructures, an anti-DDoS system is included. It ensures service continuity for your applications, in the event of an attack.

When our systems detect an attack, traffic is automatically redirected and divided through our large global network of 32Tbits.

The ablity to add more ipv4 offer full flexibility in the development of your projects.

With the fail-over IP, you can switch from one server to another and expand with addresses located in the target country.

All our IP’s are usables and open port.

Customized performances
IPv6 Ready

You can choose and select from a wide choice of storage, such as HDD, SSD or SSD NVMe.

RAID, Intel, AMD CPU’s. Our full line of dedicated servers gives you plenty of power to launch your businessand applications.

Our  Dedicated Servers come with  64 ipv6 addresses all usables.

*Except the Budget line

  • Power On/Power Off/Reboot Server
  • Reboot Server In Rescue Mode
  • Reinstall Server
  • Access KVM/IPMI Console
  • View Server Status And Details
  • View/Create/Restore/Delete Snapshots (VPS)
  • View Assigned Disks With Bandwidth And Space Limit (VPS)
  • View Assigned IP Addresses And Update Reverse DNS Paths
  • View Traffic Statistics Graph (Dedicated Servers)
  • Choose Server Parameters During Order
  • Receive Email Notifications After Server Creation, Reinstallation And Rescue Reboot
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