Virtual Server SSD & NVMe






























8GB, 16GB, 32GB

160GB, 320GB, 640GB SSD NVMe


Multiple IP addresses

Need more IP address?

Each virtual server come with one IPv4 and one IPv6 and the IP can be transferred between your different virtual server hosted in the same datacenter or country location.

You can order up to 16 more IPv4 all usables and open port.

Excludes the Junior VPS.

Additional space

Need more space?

You can add more storage by adding another disk for a few bucks.

Yes, you can add another NVMe disk storage of, 50, 100, 200 or 500GB with no downtime.

Excludes the Junior VPS.

Backup options

Need to backup and restore your virtual server?

Keep your data safe with our VPS backup options. The auto back-up option allows you to back up your data automatically and regularly. You can use the Snapshot optionand take snapshot backups of your VPS in just a few clicks.

Excludes the Junior VPS.

vps-server scability
Total scalability

Our VPS solutions are designed to suit all of your needs, and scale up as your business grows. You do not need to provision resources — simply add what you need, when you need i.

This means you only pay for what you use, helping you manage your budget.

Our Virtual Servers include
24/7 Support

Regardless of the virtual server that you choose, you’ll be able to benefit from our 24/7 technical support services even on official holidays.

DDoS Protection

Our clients can better protect their services like mail, httpd, DNS, applications, video and voice. With our DDOS system and auto-mitigation.

Surveillance / Interventions

We are in charge of maintaining your virtual server hardware. You can count on our 24-7 pro-active monitoring with 15 minutes intervention from our pn-site technicians.

NVMe Drive

NVMe is an improvement over SATA, SAS and regular SSD and offer about 5x the bandwidth and approach the insanely fast speeds of 3GB/s.

Exclude the Junior model (SSD).

Unlimited Traffic

Traffic for your VPS server is unlimited, with a maximum bandwidth of 2Gbit/s. This means you can host services or applications that require a high bandwidth, providing your customers with an optimal browsing experience at no extra cost.

Excludes datacentres in the Asia-Pacific region.

KVM Rescue

Rescue mode is a utility on your server that allows you to boot into a temporary operating system for the purpose of diagnosing and resolving issues.




  • 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime
  • Advanced DDoS Protected Servers
  • High Redundancy and Scalability
  • Full Root Access
  • 1xIPv4 Addresses
  • 1xIPv6 Addresses
  • Over 3Tbps of Internet Connectivity
  • On-site backup generators
  • On-site fuel storage
  • Tier IV Data Center
  • Remotely Monitored Video Surveillance
  • SSAE16 Certified
  • BSOC2 Type II Certified
  • 24×7 On-site Security
  • Biometric Access Control
  • Enterprise Server Hardware
  • High Degree of Flexibility
  • Intel® Processors
  • Hardware Replacement Guarantee
Operating System
30 Data center locations




North America

Why choose Allnet4u Enterprise


A virtual private server (VPS) is used for hosting websites (e-commerce, content, visual media) and software applications (portals, extranets, collaborative solutions, wikis, CRM). Unlike shared hosting, the data is isolated onto a virtual machine which is dedicated to the user.

The VPS is a perfect compromise between web hosting plans and physical servers, combining reliability with the high performance of a dedicated server — but without the difficulty of managing a server’s physical hardware.

Your virtual server come with 1 IPv4 and one IPv6.

You can order up to 16 additional IPv4.

Our IP’s  are all usables and all open port.

Additional IPv4 are followers.

The follower IPv4 can be transfered from one virtual server to another one,  if both virtual servers are located in the same datacenter or country.

Yes!. You can add, 50GG, or 100GB, pr 200GB or 500GB  storage at anytime pn your SSD NVMe servers.

Using a VPS requires basic knowledge of server administration. It is essential for managing the operating system (Linux, Windows, PrestaShop or WordPress) installed on the machine, and configuring the applications.

Think you might need a VPS, but don’t have the technical knowledge required? We recommend getting in touch with us.

If you’d like to benefit from guaranteed resources but don’t know how to manage servers, we would recommend Shared web hosting plans.

The advantage of a VPS is that you don’t have to worry about hardware management — so you would not need to monitor the status of hard disks, RAM, and CPU. They are adapted to host most types of web projects that are moderately sized.

We recommend using a dedicated server if you want to manage the hardware aspects yourself, build more elaborate architectures, create an infrastructure that includes a private network (vRack), and deploy other complex solutions that are not web services.

As a general rule, users with a growing volume of web activity either move up to dedicated servers, or Public Cloud solutions. These services offer more complex, flexible infrastructures that can adapt to a high level of growth.

Yes —When you order your server, you have the option to add 50, 100, 250 or 500GB to your disk storage

You can also add it at anytime, just login to your portal area and add it from there or open a ticket to request we add more disk space to your virtual server.

Yes!. Server snapshoot, IPv4, server backup ans add space disk are available as addons and can be ordered at anytime on first order or after.

Yes. A virtual server (VPS) can be partitioned, and organised to suit your requirements. This means you can use it to host several websites or projects, by allocating a private space to each one. You choose the volume of each space, too. To simplify how you do this, you can install a web hosting control panel like Plesk or cPanel.

The difference between SSD and NVMe is that SSD stores data by using integrated circuits while NVMe is an interface used to access the stored data at a high speed. NVMe is far advanced than SSD and hence is up to 6X faster and better encrypted than the latter.

Yes — At anytime you can upgrade or downgrade to another virtual server in the same range and country.

eg You have a virtual server named Runner, you can downgrade to our virtual server Starter web hosting plan or upgrade to our virtual server Sprinter web hosting plan with NO data loss if both server are in the same datacenter or country.

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