The ultimate guide to managing 50+ WordPress sites

No matter if you’re working with 5, 50, or 500 sites, we built a hosting platform that not only helps you manage your sites, but also manage your workflow, team, and clients….all from one place!

As your business starts to take off and you’re working with multiple WordPress sites, you’ll find there are tons of tasks on your plate that cost your team time, money, and effort. From
managing servers to  struggling with security plugins, these non-billable burdens are pieces that
you and your team shouldn’t have to manage. 

We believe creative business owners like you shouldn’t have to deal with those
administrative and behind-the-scenes tasks just to keep your clients’ websites
running. And you should never, ever have to
worry about the technical aspects of your WordPress sites – they should naturally be secure, speedy, and simple. So we built a hosting platform that not only helps you manage your sites, but also manage your
workflow, team, and  clients… all from one place!
At this point in your business, you’ve probably tried a handful of hosting companies, a plethora
of plugins, and a ton of tools to help streamline your process. Typically, the result of these experiments is a mess of sites across several servers and accounts, with varying levels of performance and stability.
Any of these scenarios sound familiar?
• Traffic spikes on one site, affecting (and hurting) the performance of others.
• A site goes down at a critical moment, resulting in unhappy clients.
• One site gets hacked, leading to wasted hours trying to clean it up.
• A code change breaks the live site, and there’s no backup to rely on.
• A new version of WordPress is released, meaning you have to update every. Single. Site.
• You’re fiddling with disjointed workflows and out-of-date software tools and everything is just hard.

Flywheel exists to help you solve all of those stressful situations. In this ebook, we’re sharing
our best tips to help your agency streamline your workflow, leverage Flywheel for the tasks
you’d rather not handle, and ultimately scale your business.
Here’s what we’ll be covering:
• How to move 50+ sites to Flywheel (Hint: We do it for you, for free!)
• Tips to help your team collaborate and stay organized with WordPress
• How to handle WordPress security at scale (and never clean up malware again)
• How to provide outstanding site performance to all of your clients
• 4 simple ways to speed up site management & development
• The support team that’s with you every step of the way
• Accelerating growth with recurring revenue.

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