The virtual server is the perfect solution if you are not ready for a dedicated server or simply looking for an affordable solution that is more powerful than a shared hosting plan. Our virtual servers all come with an SSD disk, and you can at any time add up to 500GB to your actual disk space.

Package RAM Disk OS Price /m  
Classic Starter1vCore 2.4GHz+ 2GB 20GB SSD Linux $9.95 Order
Classic Mid-Range1vCore 2.4GHz+ 4GB 40GB SSD Linux $14.95 Order
Classic High-Range2vCores 2.4GHz+ 8GB 80GB SSD Linux $24.95 Order
Cloud Bright1vCore 2.4GHz+ 6GB 25GB NVMe Linux and Windows $19.95 Order
Cloud Walker1vCore 3.1GHz+ 2GB 25GB NVMe Linux and Windows $16.95 Order
Cloud Runner2vCores 3.1GHz+ 4GB 50GB NVMe Linux and Windows $29.95 Order
Cloud Smart2vCores 2.4GHz+ 12GB 50GB NVMe Linux and Windows $29.95 Order
Cloud Genius4vCores 2.4GHz+ 24GB 100GB NVMe Linux and Windows $54.95 Order
Cloud Sprinter4vCores 3.1GHz+ 8GB 100GB NVMe Linux and Windows $49.95 Order

Unmetered Bandwidth, RAID 10, IPMI rescue console, SSD disk

SSD Nvme disk

Our VPS come with SSD disks for quicker access time and lower latency. Get even more speed, up to 5 times faster with the Cloud VPS NVMe flash memory.

Unmetered Bandwidth

The number of visitors to your website is no longer a constraint. With unlimited traffic in and out, you can welcome as many visitors as you like and forget huge bills for consumption of bandwidt.

KVM rescue

You need to partition, retrieve your password, or modify any aspect of your server the way you can not with SSH access, the KVM box is there for you.


Add more disk storage to your VPS, up to 500 GB, with no needs to re-partition your SSD disk or reload a new operating system on your virtual server.


We are committed to protecting your server 24/7 against any type of DDoS attack, regardless of duration or size with our robust Anti-DDoS Auto-Mitigation system.


DirectAdmin, cPanel, Plesk, Windows, SolusVM, Softaculous, Website Builder, WHMCS, SSL Certificate.


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